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Ceilings play an important role in the effectiveness use of space within a building. Our partner factory in Dongguan is a specialist in the design, engineering and manufacture of a range of metal ceiling systems and guarantees to meet the specification, incorporating performance, contemporary or innovative design and value engineering set by conceptual and architectural requirements.

System Description
Ceilings can be designed to fit any building design or shape. Ceiling tiles can be manufactured to meet the building module size with curved or trapezoidal tiles and profiles available.

For external application, various options can be achieved subject to wind load requirements.
Semi-external ceilings can be produced for semi-concealed or underground environment such as car parks or shopping centers, an insulated suspended metal ceiling can ensure that U-Values are maintained while providing a clean durable finish.

While polyester powder coated in RAL 9010 Pure White and RAL 9016 Traffic White in smooth finish are of the more popular selections; other colours in the RAL colour range are available for selection.

Aluminium panels are available in square, rectangular mega panels, coffered, curved and trapezoidal forms to meet individual design requirements.

More common perforated area is to equal 41% overall. 6.35mm holes are offset and punched at 9.5mm spacing .Other perforation patterns are possible subject to specification determined by architectural and/or acoustical preference.